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Save Time, Save Money, & Get a Loan, Lease or Rental that’s perfectly matched to your business goals.

My Mission is Simple

Service the Needs of People in Business
and You’ll Open Doors for Many More

I took three special gifts with me after 34 years in the military. A  Bronze Star, an extended family, and an unquenchable passion for helping individuals, families, and businesses find creative ways to reap  a greater financial harvest.

Whether the result was new equipment. paid for college, families and businesses becoming debt free, new expansions, new hires, and so on; because I’ve worked 1-on-1 with those I served for 34 years…

I had the special privilege of seeing firsthand how each win touched someone’s life.

That’s why we at Cash on Hand are passionate about uncovering the right solution that positions your business for increased success.

You can never be a number with COH Financial, because after watching business owners do things like put generations of their family through college, we know the potential in your dreams.   We’re eager to walk along side you to see everyone of yours dreams realized.

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Founder of Cash on Hand Financial

34 Years Business Financing Expertise
Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management
Master of Public Adminstration
PhD Candidate Business Management



Deliver Expert Analysis, Answers, and Assistance to ensure every client receives the right loan or lease to Empower Their Business.

Our Difference…

Most companies lock you in to what they want.

We work with hundreds of lenders and offer thousands of options we’ve put together over three decades.

Plus, we’re experts at business needs analysis, so you receive a great loan or lease match, with no hidden “gotchas”.

Your Results: Better Options, Better Terms, Simpler Process, ALL COMPLETED with a 34-Year Finance Expert. 

Regardless of size, every loan or lease receives our full attention and support.

That’s why business owners trust us to service their financing needs.


It’s all begins with your own Business Finance Consultant

Your BFC will help you determine if factoring your company’s accounts receivable is the right option for you. Once you have come to a decision to factor, your Business Finance Consultant will package the transaction in accordance with the factors’ requirements.

The Business Finance Consultant will select from a wide variety of investors to find the right match for your company. Whether your company is in the start-up phase or you have out grown your cash flow, a Business Finance Consultant can help factor your invoices and get the cash you need.

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